This UpCrowdMe is really going viral and taking off so I will keep blogging and writing about it. I was reading something the other day and it said 95% of people polled worldwide are jealous of the wealthy. I prefer to use the word envious myself, because well, it make me sounds less like a whiny bitch haha

Now I’ve run across something that has just exploded and gone viral with over 8,000 people joining in over 50 countries the first 35 days or so. That’s like the definition of viral, so I’ll let that speak for itself.

The concept is simplistic…..no different than spreading the word about an awesome new restaurant, dance club or secret beach…..donate $5, spread the word and when people donate their $5, it goes to you. I mean….my 5 and 7 year old nephews can figure out that’s a no brainer.

The only contingency is this…..you must get people to sign up. You can’t donate $5 and sit on the couch waiting for money to come in. Life doesn’t work that way, so what would make you think that this does?

It’s literally taking me 10-30 minutes a day to share and post a few times, send out an email to my subscriber list (advantage to me because I have one…no lie) and wait. Everyone I speak to I tell about this, whether they think I’m “nuts” or not. I’ll be laughing in the end, so join me or not, that’s fine.

Just know you’ve been told and you can’t complain later.

I use this example 1,000,000 times. Why are people willing to spend $5 on a cup of overpriced coffee, but they can’t spend $5 and a little bit of time investing in their own lives?? Don’t be “that person”…..

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source https://danmahedyjr.com/upcrowdme/

source https://danmahedyjrusa.wordpress.com/2019/10/06/upcrowdme/

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