How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog [4 ways]

Your blog is your personality, an ‘inside man’ to your business. Blogging is a fun way to let others know what you feel about things. But how can you make money blogging?

1. Get listed in Google

When your blog is updated with new content, Google gives a rating, usually from 1 to 10. When your blog receives a 10, Google will take notice and make sure your blog is ranked as the top result on its search engine. When people click on your blog’s listing, they will be directed to your website for a sales page. So, you want to get your blog as high up in the Google listings as possible.

2. Add Pay Per Click ads to your blog

You want to make sure that you add PPC ads on your blog as soon as possible after your blog is updated. With these ads, the ads change image based on your content. So, if your blog is mostly about exercise, then there will be little or no ads about cars, or food etc. The ads are based on your content.

3. Write content

You need to write lots of content. You will receive hundreds of thousands of visitors to your blog if you only post interesting and relevant content. The more content you write, the more traffic you will receive.

4. Write and post interesting and relevant content

This is the key to success. You need to be able to write content that readers will find interesting. This means you have to be able to write in a way that is interesting to your readers.

You should have a passion for your topic. So, if your blog is about how to lose weight, then you should be able to write about interesting topics that will interest your readers. This means there should be some sort of interest shown towards your topic.

Now, you should have a good understanding of blogging. Now, you should be able to make the most of your blog.


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